The Woods of Mal

Hey. I'm a guy who does things, I guess. I like to act, write, watch movies, and other stuff too. I'm a little hard to describe, particularly because I don't even have a firm grasp on myself. I'm strange, I suppose, but that oddity is something I like about myself. It's worth mentioning that I likely won't Tumbl (is that the right word for the action of using Tumblr?) very often so don't follow me if you want messages to be all up ons your Dashboard all the dang time.

30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 25 ~ A game you plan on playing

I think I’ll have to go with The Secret of Monkey Island.  This is a bit of a funny one because I kind of have played it.  A little while back, I played a demo which would stop after it had run for a certain amount of time.  I enjoyed it a lot, but didn’t get much done due to my tendency to talk to everyone and try to set off as many responses as possible.

Not to mention, the funny things I could choose to say certainly pushed that into overdrive because I was just curious to see what would happen.  Anyways, because of that, I only really got a taste of the game, but I had fun with it and have since put it on my list of games that I will play someday.

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    90% of the humor comes from wanting to talk to everyone and look at everything, so I HIGHLY recommend you pick the game...
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