The Woods of Mal

Hey. I'm a guy who does things, I guess. I like to act, write, watch movies, and other stuff too. I'm a little hard to describe, particularly because I don't even have a firm grasp on myself. I'm strange, I suppose, but that oddity is something I like about myself. It's worth mentioning that I likely won't Tumbl (is that the right word for the action of using Tumblr?) very often so don't follow me if you want messages to be all up ons your Dashboard all the dang time.

TCAF 2013 Spoils [2/2]

You guys will never be able to comprehend how much I freaked out internally when I saw that Teen Titans print (drawn by the talented Joe Quinones).  I ended up returning to the table two more times before I finally decided to put down the money for it.  I’m still not even sure where I’m going to put it, but I’m probably going to frame it and put it somewhere really nice (maybe my game room?  I don’t know yet…).  Anyways, the second picture is technically not a “spoil”, but I put it in here because it’s from TCAF.  This is actually the second time I’ve met Bryan Lee O’Malley (author and illustrator of the awesome Scott Pilgrim series and the even awesomer, in my opinion, Lost at Sea), but this was the first time I had a camera so here’s the first picture commemorating my second meeting with the super cool Bryan Lee O’Malley.